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Gas Line Installation & Repair in Minocqua – Eagle River – Rhinelander

Natural gas is the most common form of energy used in most homes. It is typically safe and effective; however, as with any home system or appliance, there are issues that can occur. If you suspect a leak in your gas line, call Tall Pines Plumbing for inspection and repair services. We’re available for emergency plumbing services – and a gas line leak is an emergency that needs to be addressed immediately. We’re dedicated to keeping your home and family safe by providing reliable, professionals services to homes and businesses in Minocqua – Eagle River – Rhinelander and the surrounding areas.

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Common Gas Line Issues:

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer in homes. It is a potentially very harmful by-product of natural gas. The biggest problem is that carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, making it very difficult to detect without an actual detector. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include flu-like symptoms, headaches and dizziness. If sleeping when poisoning occurs, you may not have any symptoms and may just not wake up. If you suspect there is a carbon monoxide leak in your home, or you have a carbon monoxide detector that is going off – you should evacuate your home and contact Tall Pines Plumbing immediately.

Gas Line Leaks: This is a rare but very serious issue. When natural gas builds up in an enclosed area, an explosion and/or serious illness can occur. Gas pipe leaks are equally as dangerous whether they are indoors or outdoors. It is important you contact your local utility company to mark any gas lines before you do any digging around your home. Your first sign of a gas line leak will be a “rotten egg” odor. If you suspect you have a gas line leak in your home or near your home you should seek immediate help. Shut off the gas valves at your home, do not turn on any electrical appliances, do not smoke or use any open flame, and get a safe distance away from where you believe the leak to be.

The Best Prevention is Maintenance

Prevention of gas leaks is simple with proper maintenance procedures. Tall Pines Plumbing can perform regular gas line inspections to ensure your gas lines are properly installed and functioning ideally. Our gas line maintenance services are especially perfect for homeowners who only spend only part of their year in Minocqua – Eagle River – Rhinelander and need a professional to make sure their gas lines, and other plumbing fixtures like water heaters, are properly cared for before and after your visits.