Home Inspections

Before You Buy a New Home, Have the Pipes Inspected!

Are you buying a new home in Minocqua, Eagle River, or Rhinelander, WI? Call Tall Pines Plumbing to schedule a home plumbing inspection with our licensed plumbers. We help alleviate the stress of home buying by providing a thorough assessment of the pipes & plumbing systems in your prospective home. Our plumbing inspection report will detail leaks, corrosion, water damage, and any additional plumbing problems that may affect the home price or your decision to buy. Gain peace of mind and avoid unexpected costly plumbing repairs & replacements with a home plumbing inspection from Tall Pines Plumbing.

A shortlist of plumbing areas we will inspect include:

  • Pipes
  • Sewer
  • Toilets
  • Water Heater
  • Showers
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • More depending on the specifics of your house

First-Time Home Buyers

We know buying your first home can be a stressful and even confusing process. You don’t know yet what expenses are worthwhile or a waste of money. Keep in mind that plumbing & sewer systems are an integral part of everyday life; and they are not cheap to repair or replace. Knowing that the pipes you are inheriting are in good, working condition is valuable insight to have when purchasing a home; especially an older home. If a sewer line needs to be replaced or the water heater is on the verge of failing, you can negotiate a better deal on your purchase. Call us today at 715-804-3105 to learn more!