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Going Away for the Winter? Choose Tall Pines Plumbing for Affordable, Reliable Service

Our Minocqua – Eagle River – Rhinelander plumbers are the best choice for homeowners who go south for the winter. Fully licensed and insured, we assure your home is cared for by trustworthy professionals. Wisconsin’s winters are often harsh, and the last thing you want to deal with is damage from frozen pipes that burst, especially if you’re out of the state. Winterizing your home and/or cabins will help you avoid costly damage and chaos. You can count on Tall Pines Plumbing to properly prep your home’s plumbing for winter – like the water heater and gas lines – as well as be there to provide emergency service in the unfortunate event you do have a pipe burst.

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Pre- and Post-Winter Prep

If your home or cabin will be vacant during the winter season, there are some important winterization practices that must be done in preparation. By properly winterizing your home, you will minimize unnecessary energy costs as well as prevent major damages caused by frozen or burst pipes. We provide services such as draining pipes and heating/cooling systems, turning off water supplies, coating sink drains and toilets with anti-freeze, labeling winterized appliances and locations, and general winterization maintenance practices throughout your residence.

After the winter season,  Tall Pines Plumbing will de-winterize your home as well. Our professional plumbers will make sure all your utilities are turned back on properly and fully functioning. We will restore the water in your plumbing systems and clear your drains and systems of anti-freeze. We will make sure your residence is back up and running as it was pre-winter or better.

Frozen Pipe Repair

In the circumstance you did not properly winterize and you experience a frozen or burst pipe – Tall Pines Plumbing can repair this issue for you. These services include de-thawing of pipes, repairing broken pipes and replacing damaged pipes. If you experience frozen or burst pipes, it can be quite the nuisance. Let Tall Pines Plumbing handle to problem quickly and effectively for you.

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