Gravelless Systems

A Better Alternative to Conventional Septic Systems

Gravelless septic systems are ideal for sandy soil conditions; making them popular for properties in northern Wisconsin. Unlike traditional or mound septic systems, a gravelless system utilizes leaching chambers to create an open-bottom drainfield. The leaching chambers are installed in trenches and attached to your septic tank via one or more distribution pipes. Leaching chambers are designed to adequately disperse wastewater from the septic tank and distribute effluent into soil capable of natural wastewater treatment.

Why is Gravelless Better?

When comparing gravelless and conventional septic systems, several benefits fall in favor of graveless systems; including:

  • Leaching chambers allow for better infiltration of wastewater into soil; making them more effective than traditional gravel drainfields and more suitable for storm water management.
  • Gravelless systems can fit into smaller areas than conventional systems.
  • Leaching chambers do not require heavy equipment for installation, and a graveless drainfield means less compaction and obstruction of soil during installation too.

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