Mound Septic Systems

Is a Mound System the Right Solution for Your Home? Let’s Find Out!

Mound septic systems are often the best solution if you have atypical soil conditions. For a septic system to work properly, it requires 36” of dry soil above the system to ensure bacteria, fungus, and other contaminants can be thoroughly filtered out. To determine the best placement of a new septic system, soil testing is performed. If the test returns a high water table or rocky soil, then an underground septic system will not work for your property. Instead, additional soil will be brought in and built up to form the three foot separation needed for the drainfield. When all is said and done, you will have a large mound in your yard that provides access to your septic system.

What to Expect with a Mound System:

Unlike conventional systems that have a pipe from your home pumping waste water into one holding tank, a mound system includes two tanks. One tank to settle out solid waste and the other to hold the remaining wastewater – once the second tank hits a certain water level, its pump disperses the wastewater into the mound system for natural purification. While the drainfield for conventional septic systems are underground, the drainfield of a mound system is built into the mound.

*It’s important to note – alternative septic systems like a mound system have more moving parts, and in turn, costs more to install and requires expert design services and extra maintenance to keep it operating in peak condition. Alterative septic systems are also often required in areas considered “environmentally sensitive” (i.e. close to a water source).

Take Up Less Space & Improve Aesthetics with a Mini-Mound Septic System

Conventional mound systems have been around since the 70’s; and while they work well, the biggest turn off for homeowners is that they are ugly. Today, many homeowners are turning to landscaping aspects like plants and pavers to make their mounds look more appealing. However, there is a better, more cost-effective solution – a mini-mound septic system. Mini-mound systems offer the same efficiency with a significantly smaller mound size. Tall Pines Plumbing specializes in mini-mound system design and installation. If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to call!