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Well System Repair

When there is an issue with your well system, it can cause major inconvenience. Water is important for many aspects of day to day life. There are a range of issues that can pop up with your well system including but not limited to the following:

  • Well pump motor
  • Well pump electrical issues
  • Lack of water or blockage
  • Poor faucet pressure
  • Excessive running of water pump
  • Air coming from faucets
  • Discolored and/or hard water
  • Stains or white spots

Tall Pines Plumbing can diagnose and fix your well and water system issues efficiently.  You should not try to repair a well pump on your own. Your water supply is critical to your day to day life and your health among other things. Also, the proper equipment can be very expensive. Your best bet is to leave it to the professionals.

Not only can Tall Pines Plumbing solve your well problems, we can improve the quality of your water too! Give us a call to learn more about our water conditioning services and how they can soften and purify your water.

How Your Well Works & Common Signs Of Well Pump Failure

Most homes in northern Wisconsin, areas like Minocqua – Eagle River – Rhinelander, have water delivered to their home through a well system. Your well system is independent from neighboring houses, and installed deep in the ground where adequate water supply can be found – a well installer will determine if a shallow or deep well is the best solution for your property and water needs.

The well pump is the most vital part of your well system; pumping water from the well into a storage tank, and then through the pipes of your house when you need it. Your well will either utilize a jet pump or submersible pump depending on the depth of your well. As you can imagine, like any other high performance part of home’s operating systems, your well pump will need maintenance, repair, and eventually replacement.

Some common signs that there’s a problem with your well pump include:

  • No water – if nothing comes out of your faucet when you turn it on, your pump is likely the source of the problem.
  • Poor water pressure –unusually low water pressure when showering or washing dishes may be a sign that your pump is on the verge of a breakdown.
  • Constantly running well pump – your well pump is not supposed to run constantly, if you notice it doing just that or repeatedly starting and stopping even when you’re not using water, your pump will soon fail if the problem is not fixed.

Tall Pines Plumbing is an amazing choice for well inspection and repair services in the Minocqua – Eagle River – Rhinelander areas. Providing reliable and friendly services, we’re available for emergency plumbing and well repair. Don’t hesitate to call if you have questions about your plumbing problem or want to schedule a maintenance appointment!