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Better Services, Better Results

Don’t entrust your plumbing installation and repair needs to just anyone. Hiring an under qualified company for the job will ultimately place a larger cost burden on your own shoulders; since you’ll have to fund the repairs of a plumbing job done poorly. When you need plumbing services in St. Germain, you want a plumber licensed with the state of Wisconsin – one that has a reputation for lasting quality. Tall Pines Plumbing is the preferred choice for plumbing installation and emergency repair services. Dedicated to client satisfaction, we’re not done until the issue is properly fixed, you know the culprit of the problem, and exactly what it took from us to fix it. We’re also available 24/7 for emergency plumbing repair services.

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Septic Services You Can Rely On

When it comes to your septic system, you should be placing a high importance on proper maintenance. The tank should be pumped and the system as a whole (pipes, tank, drainfield) inspected at least every three years – depending on the condition of your system, maintenance may be required more often. We use locating video equipment to inspect the main pipe that runs from your house out to the septic tank. If there are any cracks, roots, or other damage caused by natural wear and tear, we will be able to pinpoint their exact location. Minimizing your costs and the ground disturbance necessary for repair. On top of that, our soil testing services will gauge the effectiveness of your septic system by telling us how well the drainfield soil is filtering out the contaminants from your ground water. These services are relevant to maintenance but also come in handy if you are doing a home inspection.

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